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What you make possible
Whether you had a hand in this story or not, your help and support make these happy endings possible.

Feature Stories
We like to share with you the successes and stories of some of our dogs as a way of thanking you for your interest and suppport.

Duffy's story - Duffy gets his surgery
Petland Protest - Read about the protest of Petland selling puppy mill raised puppies.
Red's new life - Red arrived close to death and at 124lbs. He's doing great in his new life.
The Kennels have arrived! - The kennels are installed in the new building
In Memory for our Sweet Seniors - Seniors who spent their last years at the Sanctuary
Megan and the rattlesnake! - Megan is a darling deaf puppy. She was playing under the deck of the house at the Sanctuary and couldn't hear the rattlesnakes warning as she walked by. Read her story.
Reunion 2007 Pictures! - It was a wonderful event. We have posted many of the pictures here so it may take time for the whole page to load.
Join our generous sanctuary donors - We have been blessed with generous donations toward building facilities at the Sanctuary. Join us, there is more to do!
Watch Our Progress On Building The Sanctuary - a pictorial essay of people who are helping us along the way.
Trekker's New Life - Trekker is learning all sorts of new things!
Kim gets a bright idea - We're holding obedience and agility classes at the sanctuary with volunteers helping train our dogs waiting for new homes!
Cali is in Agility and Loving It! - Cali's story started in a puppy mill as Nina. See Nina, the little black tri that could below. This is an update on her beautiful story.
The Sanctuary - See photos of the 5 acre property in Grass Valley and help us make this dream come true.
Skip Jumps Into Agility - Skip was found in the park...he kept jumping his owner's fence. She adopted him from the Martinez shelter, but couldn't keep him in her yard and gave him up to us.
Nina, the little black tri that could - Nina was one of the El Dorado puppymill bust rescues. She was terrified of the world but now has a happy life! [updated 3/6/06]
Yard Sale 2005 - Everyone chips in on a NorCal Aussie Rescue fund raiser!
Whatever happened to Dollie? - Read about Dollie's illness, recovery and her forever home!
The Resilient Aussie: Puppymill rescuee Cassie trusts again - Cassie was one of the frightened puppymill dogs, and now she is thriving with the help of a friend
AHA Rescue Effort Underway - American Humane Association in Louisiana and Mississippi Coordinating Animal Rescue Effort
EARS Hurricane Katrina Alert - how can you help animals in danger from the current disaster!
Katie has found her forever home - Read what happens when people refuse to give up!
KC & Lucky's Puppies - Read about KC and his puppies
Puppy Mill Rescuees - read about the progress for the dogs rescued from the El Dorado puppy mill.
Frisbee Queen Pheobe - some dogs just love frisbee!
Puppy Mill Arrest - Arthur Warren and Georgia Thompson were arrested and taken handcuffed off of their property in Somerset.
Puppy Farm Bust in El Dorado County - a long term puppy farm was busted, but they only took 15 of 75 dogs. More needs to be done.
Fly & Mooch - these siblings got a second chance, and got to stay together!
Wylie & Luna - after a drug bust at their "home", these buddies were rescued from the streets by good samaritans
Kiley's Story - Kiley lost the human she dearly loved and found the perfect home!

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