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What you make possible
Whether you had a hand in this story or not, your help and support make these happy endings possible.
Cassie at home

OK, so I'm spoiling her, dogs shouldn't be on the couch (unless they're in your lap), but looks like she feels safe... out cold ;-)

Lap dog,but not too sure about the whole camera deal

Cass with a 'regular' who carries dog treats on the golf course up in Truckee. First trip, she wouldn't come near him even for a treat. Second trip, she'd reach waaay out, with the whole backward lean. Labor Day, she spotted him at the other end of the course and went to meet him.

Cassie is finally home
The Resilient Aussie

Cassie (previously Cher) was one of the withdrawn El Dorado "breeding females" rescued from the El Dorado puppy mill bust in May 2005. She hadn't had much of a life til then and was taken by the county as she was under nourished to the point of danger. The following is an update from the very special woman who adopted Cassie and helped her learn to trust.

Cassie before

Cassie is doing GREAT!! She's turned into a total Velcro Aussie, absolutely beautiful, sweet as she can be..... smart goes without saying.

The house training took a while... she didn't seem to understand that it was OK to 'go' on the leash... but she and I kept after it, and just when I was at my wits end, she suddenly goes on a company picnic of all places. About a dozen people who knew the story were watching her circle and holding their breath :-) She's got it totally down now. She's also doing much better riding in the car... the motion sickness is much more the exception that the rule.

And she PLAYS now... wags that little stumpy tail and invites dogs out at the park to play,. Sometimes when we're someplace I can turn her loose, she runs just for the fun of it... big goofy grin, tongue flapping....she looks so completely happy you can't help grinning.

Cassie's still shy of people and startles pretty easily, but she's much much better there too. Given a little quiet, she'll walk up to folks for a quick check out and lets some strangers pet her if they don't move too quickly. She goes with me most everywhere, unless it's too hot for her to wait in the car, so she's getting to meet lots of people. She walks very nicely on her leash, used to stick right next to me, switched sides if people walked by, but just in the last couple of weeks she's gotten confident enough to trot out ahead of me and let me know which way she'd like to go.

Just wanted to let you know she was doing well and continuing to get better all the time. I'll try to catch a photo of her in action one of these days - she's got a bouncy little run when she's playing, but you should see her go with those long legs when she opens up. Thanks again for hooking us up....

Cassie's Mom

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