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What you make possible
Your support allows us to give love and care to seniors whether they are adopted by families, or spend the rest of their days at the Sanctuary.
In Memory of Sweet Seniors

We feel it's really important to make room for seniors who end up in shelters. Many have passed through our doors and found wonderful, loving homes. Some of them spend the rest of their lives with us. Rather than feeling sad, we hope that you feel encouraged that we were able to give them a wonderful life. They certainly enriched ours.

We offer people this place to give tribute to their Aussies whom they've loved and lost. If you would like to share a photo and some memories of your Aussie, please email us at so we may add your story to our Sweet Seniors Memorial Page.

We said good bye to:

Left: Elkie, To say that Elkie offered a full hearts love, completing us and making us better people, confirms the inadequacies of language. She came to us nearly blind, and was blind a few weeks later. Most never knew. Until she ran into a wall. And she did that often, but never complained or offered a hint of frustration (although there are lots of wet nose marks on our walls). Elkie was a big dog in a small body. Big ears and long legs encouraged an endless supply of nicknames, offered with love and accompanied by long pets. We could write an epic ode to our little girl, to her love, loyalty and courage. Our love and sadness speak volumes. Our hearts are full with joy at having shared our lives with Elkie. Thanks, Kim, for your gift of Elkie
Right: Levi 6/29/1997-8/6/2013
Levi came to me as an almost 11 year old foster dog. However, he didnt stay a foster dog very long. I fell in love immediately. Im proud to say we had over 5 great years together! Even though he was a senior, Levi went on long hikes and snowshoes with us and loved to wade in the Truckee River. He even went on the back of my kayak and snowmobile! I will forever be grateful to have been blessed by this gentle soul and I hope that his remaining years with me were happy. I miss you Levi. Love, Jenna

Left: Callie,
Callie left this world too young and took with her our hearts. Before we adopted her as a puppy she growled at us and we did not run from that or give up on her. She was from one of the litters Kim saved from the El Dorado puppy mill bust. She was a difficult one who with lots of training and persistence on our part, grew to be a great dog. We understood each other and were lucky to have each other. She enjoyed agility, hiking, camping, boating and swimming. She loved chasing squirrels and would always come when I called her. She loved table surfing and we never broke her of that. She trained our 3 year old to open the fridge so she could help herself to a plate full of meat, just ready to be put on the BBQ when our friends arrived. We will never forget that or her loving velcro personality. She was full of kisses and was a HUGE part of our family. She lost her battle with lymphoma just after her 8th birthday.
We love and miss you Callie!!!

Right: Jack,
He was just a little guy in a big guy world
Jane and Al

Left: Calvin,
I am so longly without my shadow. He was the best dog ever. You spoiled me with Calvin, he was beautiful, smart and such a clown.


Right: Toby 3/5/2000 3/3/2014,
Toby came to us on July 13, 2008 when he adopted us before we could say wed take him. He jumped into our car, sat down as if to say, lets go home!. He brought a huge amount of love, joy and companionship to our lives, was popular with all who met him. He was deaf, blindand had a malignant tumor but still beat us to the door when we were going somewhere. We miss him like losing a family member, and know he is waiting for us.

Betty and Smokey
Left: Flicka was a lover, and loved. An expert at walks and at supervising a trip to the grocery store (or another state), her eyes never failed to invite a pet, or to bring us and all she met some joy. She loved her sister, Elkie, to the end, allowing her to clean her ears as she wished, even as we could see she really didnt enjoy it so much. Flicka leaves us with a blank space without fur, but with hearts full with the joys of our time together.
Michael & Kathleen

Right: Layla, a very important part of our family has passed on. Layla was born 03-24-03 and left the present world too early at just over 10 yrs young yesterday on 5-22-13. She was put to rest under some tall spruce trees next to a creek in the Sonoma Mountains. Shes seen in the attached photo driving her friends around Mill Valley. Merlins head is hanging low right now. No dog will ever replace her ever.
Love, Jim & Kendra
Left: Bentley, My dear sweet boy Bentley died peacefully in my arms today. He was a true friend and we loved him dearly. Thank you Kim.
Right: Rusty was diagnosed with lymphoma four months ago. Our vet said it was time and we said good bye this afternoon. He was his loving, smiley self till the end.

We are so grateful for the time we had with him - he was the best dog a person could ever want - gentle, funny, always upbeat, full of personality, affectionate . . . really the very best of the best.

We are grateful to you for entrusting him to us - he has been a real gift to us all, including Bella. Even our cats loved him. We will never forget him.

Left: Konig, I was able to give him just 6 1/2 carefree months. He was never left alone, even at the end. Bindii is confused and keeps looking for him. Even though they never were playmates, they were constant companions. My heart is broken again...
Jackson Right: Jackson
With our hearts broken, I must tell you that very early this morning Teri and I had to say goodbye to Jackson. He had been losing his appetite little by little over the past few weeks, to a loss of some 8 pounds over the last month. But, other than that he was thriving in his day to day activities, remarkable for one with such a debilitating cancer. Sweet, easy going young man without a difficulty in the world in being a part of the family for six months. The grief is always terrible for those left behind, but I can only hope Jackson felt the love and attention that we gave him. To Jackson I can say but goodbye.
Bill and Teri, Placerville. 3/1/13
Left: Tina, Tina was an inspiration to me. She had medical problems all her life yet remained cheerfully happy, playful and loving through it all. I fostered Tina for almost a year before adopting her at age 11. She battled cancer and beat it at 12 years old and still she was always ready to play and get attention from her people. Severe arthritis and the spondylolysis were her final challenges. On June 7, 2012, at age 14, she finally rests in peace. God bless her, she was sweet and adored by everyone she knew. She was loved and will be missed so very much. Tina and I will always be grateful to Kim/NCAR for bringing us together.

Right: Layla, I have had to let go of my sweet Layla Girl. It happened fairly fast, last fall, her slowing down and obvious discomfort. As it turned out, she had developed cancer in multiple organs. Thank you so much for entrusting me with her. She gave me much joy and I am confident in saying that I gave her the same. She loved her walks, our hide and seek, hunting for cherry tomatoes. She rolled in the snow, swam in the river, and tasted the ocean. That was her best day, I think, counting all those furtive little kisses I got that day.

What I really feel good about is that she learned to trust me, even protect me, to tell me when she wanted a treat, when she wanted to play, when she was concerned about something, when she was scared and did not want to do something...which I honored.

That this was not your normal dog, I remember you telling me, and you were concerned whether I was prepared for that.

A special needs dog. Well, she was special, all right, and we fulfilled each others and love, and so much more.
Left: Teddy , Lost Teddy a week ago I miss him very much, I cry every time I think of him.
Teddy fit in very well, loved to go on a morning walk, Mollie taught him to bark when we walked out of the house, knowing we were going to do something. Teddy was doing fine until Friday afternoon when I noticed he was having trouble breathing, can still feel how soft his coat felt, while he lay next to me, on the way to the Vet. I miss Teddy very much. Teddy seemed very happy and normal, will miss seeing him roll around on the floor after eating his meal and waiting for Roxanne to finish so he could lick her dish. George, 11-19-11

Right: Shadow, had a wonderful summer traveling to Michigan in his motorhome with DeAnn and Paula and his Aussie brother, Smokey. After they returned, Shadow suddenly became very ill and after several tests at the emergency vet, was diagnosed with cardiac hemangiosarcoma, for which there is no cure. Shadow came home for a few days where he ate ice cream before he left this world 11/23/11

Left: Wyatt, 3/12/11 Loyal to a fault, seductively handsome, smart and obedient Wyatt trusted me from the first moment I rescued him from the Martinez Shelter till his last breath in my arms. I am grateful for the 6 years we had together. I learned from him and loved him like no other.
Right: Flynn, was my first foster Aussie way back in 2002. He came into the shelters night box at Yolo County with a note that read: He wandered onto my property about a month ago, nice dog, cannot keep. He had such a sweet disposition, was about 18 months old and a bit wild, but oh so friendly! I took him with my dogs to the river each morning...where my friend Larry met him. Within a week, Flynn was adopted by Larry and Anne and lived the most wonderful life, including playing with the neighborhood children, spending time at their summer cabin, and lots of walks on the river where Larry first met him. Flynnie will be forever in our hearts - a special, dear red tri boy.
Left: Sunny, was found wandering a dirt road in Placerville. He was at least 12 years old, almost toothless and incredibly friendly. We will never know what happened to his family. About a week after posting him on our site, Tootie contacted me and asked if she might adopt him. She knew he was a love just from his photo! For 4 years, Sunny lived with Wesley, his adoring Aussie brother, and hiked on Monterey beaches as well as the shores of Donner Lake. He was with Tootie and Wesley 24/7 and was the happiest, funniest Aussie you could ever meet. He will remain forever in our hearts.
Right: Bonnie
Yesterday, after stoically pushing through her discomforts from advanced cancer, my beloved and beautiful Bonnie left this world peacefully. I met Bonnie in September 2006 and she came into my heart and stayed. She remained a happy, playful and gentle spirit. She loved people, overcame her shyness and brought sweetness to everyone she came in contact with. I feel so blessed to have had her loyalty and love. She will be missed by my family, friends and by many, many patients. She was a healing spirit to all of us.
As I have always said and reaffirmed yesterday, Bonnie was and remains the best person I have ever known.
When I die, I want to go where Bonnie went.
Sincerely and in gratitude,
Sylvia Flores
Left: Dexter was a gentle soul who easily worked his way into our hearts. Soft and patient, he was the perfect couch companion. He was a beautiful boy and a wonderful friend. Our family misses him to pieces but we know he's up there playing with Chance.

The Saunders Family
Dooley Right: Dooley, lost his battle with cancer in early March 2011. To the end he was stoic and accepted his pain and disability, just the way he always lived his life. Dooley's gentle spirit was not seen by many because he was very discriminating about who he trusted and gave his heart to. I knew the moment I saw his picture that it would take time for him to accept me, and the wait was worth it. I never regretted bringing Dooley here and he quickly became my cherished companion. With his head in my lap and his eyes fixed on mine, it was with great sadness that I watched as his loving spirit left his body.

Mandy Left: Mandy (aka "Manda Panda Bear"), a beautiful blue merle with very fluffy paws, came into my home over ten years ago as a foster dog. Her owners had moved to an city apartment from the country and didn't feel it was the perfect place for her. When I first met Mandy she jumped right in my Koi pond like my other two dogs, Cody and Babe. I knew right then that Mandy found the right home with us!.

In the last two years my Babe and Cody passed on and it was just my Mandy and me. Last July I fostered Moe from NorCal Aussie Rescue. In September Mandy and I adopted Moe into our family. Moe was very respectful of Mandy's age, declining sight and mobility problems, for which I am grateful. On Saturday, February 19th my Mandy crossed over to join her friends. I will alway be thankful for her gentle, loving presence in my life and she will live in my heart forever.

Claudia and Moe Robinson
Leah Right: Leah,
Leahs people moved away and left her in the back yard. We rescued her 10/24/10 and she proved herself spry and agile during her 3.5 months at the Sanctuary. Her heart gave out 2/7/11. We think she was 13-14 years old.
Jax Left: Jax Sgt Pepper of Heatherhill, May 3, 1998 to Feb 7, 2011
Jax and I took our last walk this morning, thought he was doing real well, then at noon I called him and he was going in circles and couldn't find me. At that moment I knew he was telling me it was time to go. Jax passed on at 3:00 this afternoon, with his head on my lap. I'm sure going to miss that soft fur and those sweet kisses.

Zeke was such an easy dog to foster. Such a sweet personality and laid back and friendly! I had never adopted any of my foster dogs until Zeke! To adopt him was a no-brainer! Even though he was only "my" dog for the last few months of his life we're going to miss him a lot. I'm still looking behind me in the kitchen because I was so used to having him lie down quietly right behind me while I was working and I would trip over him when I moved. I used to look at him and shake my head and wonder where he had been and what his life had been like. I'd like to think he liked the last part anyway, the part where he lived with my family!

Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you. I loved you so...'twas Heaven here with you." ~ Isla Paschal Richardson
Tiny Curtsy was a stray taken in by the Antioch shelter. Nancy, who has a soft spot for seniors, offered to foster herwhich resulted in an eventual adoption. How could she let such a sweetie go? We guess she was 12 or 13 when we rescued her over 2 years ago. She got the vet care she needed and totally wiggled her way into Nancys heart. We will all miss Curtsys huge smile and absolute sweetness.
Taber Right: Taber
Taber walked into my life and straight to my heart just over a year ago Although I do not know how that it was only a year, it feels like we have been together a life time. We do not know his age but think he was around 14 or 15 years old. What someone tossed aside became my best friend in more ways they I can explain I was honored to bring him home as a foster dog, but after just three days we knew he was never leaving. Today I helped my best friend cross over the Rainbow Bridge so the he may run free without pain I know when my time comes he will be there waiting for me with those loving eyes that always cheered me up.
Good Bye My Dear Friend, Until we meet again
Left: Skye
Skye was Big Blues sister. Her name was High Sierra's Skye Dancer. I got her in 1998 when she was 9 weeks old. A couple who were friends of mine bought her brother Scout (aka Big Blue rescued by NCAR) and they saw each other regularly until the past 2-3 years when my friends split up. I didn't know how bad Scout's circumstances were until I saw him on the web site, I wish I'd known. Skye & Scout loved one another a lot, they never forgot each other. She would tease him and take advantage of him quite a bit but not in a mean way and Scout, in his own goofy way, didn't seem to mind.

Skye was intelligent, beautiful inside and out, she was gentle and kind, she was and excellent mother, and a great working dog. She was sensitive, funny, stubborn, silly, and she was my friend. Skye loved her squeaky toys-in her 11 1/2 years she never destroyed one. She loved kittens, the rain, ice cubes, and popping bubble wrap! Skye loved sleeping on our bed when she was younger, then on her bed when she got older. Skye loved her special song that I would sing so I sang it to her while I held her head that day. But what you loved most was me and your family. I will keep both you and your brother in my heart forever, Skye Dancer. You and Scout rest easy together, you were good dogs.

Love & Peace of Heart
Right: Charlie
I never intended to get a dog, but in May 2004 I happened to see Charlie's face on the NCAR website with the label "urgent" beneath it and a description of him that captured me. Suddenly, I found myself applying to adopt this dog and he came home in June. His physical being was always a pure expression of his gentle, sensitive nature, his hopefulness, his worries, his overwhelming joy and excitement, and his sweetness. He became so attached to me, his self-appointed job was to know where I was at all times. For 5 1/2 years, he was by my side every moment that I was home, and waiting by the front door whenever I was not. When he was scared, he hid behind me; when uncertain, he focused unwaveringly on my face. He trusted me completely and gave me the responsibility to care for him as he needed and make sure he had a good life.

My reward was his constant warm presence, the softness of his fur, the silliness of his play, his adorable face and the one ear that stood up, his patience and appreciation, his excitement over food, toys, and places with lots of trees, and his happiness at getting to sit beside me on the couch and be petted for as long as possible. For as much as I gave him a home, he gave me one. This gentle, quiet dog completely transformed my house and my life; we created these last 5 1/2 years together. On January 9, 2010, I had to let Charlie go due to cancer. He will long be missed. Perrin
Left: Sara
It was with incredible sadness that we said goodbye to Sara yesterday. It was love at first sight when I met her at her foster mom's house in 1995, and we spent 15 wonderful years together. She had such a strong spirit - the house feels incredibly empty without her! But we will always treasure the memories of our many adventures ---10 mile hikes at 10,000 feet in the Eastern Sierra, exploring the Oregon coast, or just hundreds of long walks around her North Berkeley 'hood, especially to The Cheeseboard, her very favorite destination! She was a member of the family, and it's impossible to imagine life without her. But after fighting as hard as she could to beat a sudden illness, it was clear that it was time. Many thanks to Dr. David Grant for coming to our house and doing such an amazingly sensitive and caring job of helping her leave us as gently and peacefully as possible. She will be greatly missed.
Right: Bailey, was one of the senior stud dogs at the Eldorado County puppymill we helped shut down in 2006. Bailey spent most of his days in a small pen, glaring at the other stud dogs. When I brought him home, he wouldnt come to me for several daysjust wanted to be left alone outside. He finally came into the house and we developed a sweet bond which he didnt share with visitors. I knew he needed to spend time one on one with a person, and Steve from Fair Oaks agreed to foster Bailey in 2007, and adopted him in 2009. Bailey never left Steves side, and enjoyed his walks in the neighborhood as well as his trips to the park where he hung out with everyone at the picnic table. Bailey began having difficulty breathing and lost his strength and died peacefully in his sleep on Jan 10, 2010. Thank you Steve for all the love you gave Bailey and for making the last years of his life his happiest.
Left: Rosie, was found in early July, 2009 in Loomis and taken to the Placer County shelter where she weighed in at 70 pounds. She limped, panted and wouldnt get up she was tired from her journey. Then she tested positive for heartworm and the shelter vet marked her for rescue. When Kevin and I picked her up , she was animated, greeted us with enthusiasm and actually jumped up into Kevins SUV and into a crate. We were impressed! Thanks to Kevin and Margriet, she began losing weight, moving easier, going in and out of the doggy door and got into good shape before Heartworm treatment. Her blood work and chest X Rays were good (except for the heartworm) and so she successfully went through heartworm treatment. She was doing just fine until early December when she stopped eating and became listless. After just a few days, she passed away peacefully in her sleep. Our hearts ache for Margriet and Kevin who loved Rosie so.
Right: Samantha, was a "puppy mill mama" who came to the sanctuary to brighten Kim's life for a few years before coming to live with her adoptive people, David and Susan. She was the light of our lives. We had her for a year and a half and it was true that she was a special girl with her blue, blue eyes She thought she was a lap dog and she loved to hug her people, standing up on her hind legs. We lost her suddenly to cancer in December 2009. She will live on in the hearts of those she touched with her gentle ways.
Left: Lexi, Always happy, always bringing me a tennis ball, always the first one into the lake and the last one out. Lexi was a perfect Aussie girl who happily played her way through 6 months at the Sanctuary before Debbie and her two sons adopted her in Oct, 2009. She spent the last month of her life happily fetching the tennis ball and being adored by everyone who met her. She died peacefully in her sleep in November, 2009. We will love her always.
Right: Sasha, was infinitely gentle and infinitely sweet. She had many friends. She had a pure heart.
She was greatly loved.
Left: Chance, was a lively alpha boy who was devoted to his people. He loved to run and swim in the river. He was so patient when the foster dogs came through the house. He was never far from his Mom, who his Dad called, his assignment. Chance crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 16, 2009 at the age of 13. His family misses him everyday.
Gibson Right: Gibson
Back in July of 1998 I had just buried two rescue dogs side by side. The next day while In a daze and distraught I began to walk down Lobo Canyon where I live when something very loving and miraculous happened. I was approached by my neighbors dog who had gotten away from his caregivers and was running full speed across his yard and then leaped thru a fence into the street..This dog then jumped up and grabbed me with both of his front legs wrapping them around my waist tightly while looking me straight in the eye (with a smile) and would not let go. This dog was Gibson. He came to me that day to rescue my heart and did so lovingly everyday for the next over 11 years.. What he taught me about life, love ,and desire is beyond any description I can put into words.. My dear best friend I hope we can one day meet again... 10/20/92 to 10/22/09
Left: Noni, Left us 9/9/09. She let me know she was ready to go. She wouldnt eat and couldnt stand. I picked her up and placed her on her favorite bed in my van where she passed away peacefully. She had a good life for 18 months with us, and I am grateful to our supporters who make it possible for me to rescue seniors. Noni, Papi (passed 1/09) and Tia (adopted by Jan in 07) were rescued from the Sacramento County shelter in March of 2008.

Right: Barry passed on July 10, 2009 at our home with our whole family present. The wonderful thing is that he had his Aussie fun right up to then - keeping us in smiles too. Our memories are full and we truly are blessed from our life shared with Barry. Here is a photo of Barry watching tv!
Thanks again for your support to these wonderful intelligent "velcro" dogs.

Guy, passed 4/09/09
Left: Guy, Our dear, sweet Guy was everything we were looking for in a dog to adopt when we met him as a 10 mo. old pup needing a forever home. Kim delivered him to us just before the Labor Day weekend in 2003. The tears still flow when I think of how his life was tragically cut short by an aggressive Cancer; we said good bye 4/09/09.

He was my Velcro boy; my "loyal boyal", my "love bucket". We sometimes called him "Gooey" , or pronounced his name as the French would, "Gee". He was the King of "Wiggle butts"; he had great "sideways" movement. You could tell he had reached the height of relaxation when he chose "upside down" time. He loved his baby brother Chipper Doodle, any soft toy, my shoes, and his afternoon cookie.

Guy, passed 4/09/09I will forever treasure memories of our "dog day afternoon" walks in the open space, Sundays at the beach, "Pretzel hunting" on downtown walks, and the many road trips. I will forever miss his "oomph, oomph" vocalization, how he'd awaken me each morning with one of my shoes (his way of communicating to me what he hoped to do that day...), seeing him on Chris's lap to watch a Giant's game, and watching HIM watch T.V. (anything with animals of course!). He was an outstanding family pet, full of peace and love. We were blessed to have had him. To quote my son, "Guy taught you that there are Aussies that need to be rescued". Chipper was our second, and now Casper is our third. Casper "tucks us in" at night.... thank you Guy! Rest in Peace.

Love, Marcia,Chris,Sarah,Neil, Colin, Chipper,Casper, and Colin's Huskies Mecca and Dexter.
Miss Pepper, passed 6/30/09
Right: Miss Pepper, left us June 30, 2009 at the age of 15 years from kidney disease after suffering a small stroke two weeks earlier. Adopted from the Martinez Animal Shelter in Contra Costa County in 1994, Miss Pepper was the epitome of a great rescue dog. Always flexible, enjoying life, loving her walks to the end, accepting of two rambunctious Aussie puppies, Tobias and Kieran, into her life (keeping them in line!), she was a very good dog. Even moving her thousands of miles to Chicago and then to central Tokyo, Japan as a two year old dog didn't phase her! She loved agility and training and never forgot a person or place she had been, always happy to be included in whatever was happening. She had a lot of heart and always did whatever you asked, a joy to have as part of our family. Rest in peace Miss Pepper, our most beloved companion, we will see you one day at the Rainbow Bridge.

Herb and Kathy
Tobias, Kieran, Momo, Jet, and Miss Kitty (her cats!)
Brady, passed 7/2/09
Left: Brady It is with a saddened heart and many tears that I say this. I lost my Brady yesterday. He has crossed the rainbrow bridge. As I told him many times, he was the best person I knew. He gave me, and everyone he came in contact with hope and love. He was a fighter. He was diagnosed with a horrible cancer 8 months ago....he should have been gone then. But, he stayed here, with me, and gave me the gift of 8 months of loving and being my best friend. He died with dignity, as he had lived. He campaingned for and lived to see a Democrat in our highest office. During his life, he participated in an anti-war demonstration, and marched for equal rights in his and my stand against proposition 8. He loved everyone & everyone loved him. He did not have a mean bone in his body. He had no aggression.

Brady, I will never forget you. You will always be my great big puppy dog. I love you more than anyone can know. Rest in Peace, Brady Boy.....the best person I knew. Brady was born 11/11/01 and crossed over on 7/2/09.
Jack, passed 6/25/09
Right: Jack, Adopted 11/03, passed 6/25/09
I was so blessed to have Jack grace our lives.... what a neat dog, so full of life, he would crawl up next to me when I was greiving over the loss of my mother. He always knew when I was down and seemed to always bring a smile to my face.
Hugs Karen & Lynn
Merlot, 6/23/09
Left: Merlot, 6/23/09 He was a red merle Australian Shepherd, found seven years ago wandering in the wine country before we adopted him. So the name came naturally. Today, Merlot went to the place where good souls go and we miss him. I will miss the butt that wiggled whenever you looked at him. The nose lifting your arm while you tried to have breakfast. The immediate half-roll when it was time for a belly rub. Drink a toast to a dear departed friend, Merlot. We should all leave this earth so loved.
Elsa, lost 6/18/09
Right: Elsa, found her perfect home on 1/4/09 and passed away suddenly on 6/18/09. She had gone on her daily hike with Renate and was fine until about midnight when she started gagging. She went outside, crawled under the deck and died. Renate and Ed adored her her huge, loving personality and her strong, graceful silhouette. She is missed terribly.
Big Blue, lost May 2009
Left: Big Blue, We are sad to inform you that we lost Big Blue today, 5/18/09. He died peacefully at the Sanctuary where he was loved and safe. He was being watched closely by Kim and his vet, as he had recently been failing. We were glad we could be there for him during his last few months. The Auburn Journal did a feature story about him on 2/20 which you can read at.
Bowie, lost May 2009
Right: Bowie, made a gallant effort, but passed away on 5/1/09 from kidney failure while still living at the sanctuary. He was a 15 - 18 month old, gorgeous black tri who was found dodging cars in a busy intersection. He was happy all the time and just wanted to be close, following Kim everywhere. He was a very sweet boy and we will miss him.
Blue Left: Blue, who found his forever home at the age of ten...whose big paws were only surpassed by his big heart. You touched all-both human and animal alike. Our time together was not long enough; but, you remain forever in our hearts and always on our minds. Rest in peace, big guy."
Boomer, lost 3/29/09
Right: Boomer , We said goodbye on 3/29/09
He was a happy, friendly, faithful friend and companion. His beautiful marbled eyes shared my laughter. His soft fluffy coat absorbed my tears. His expressive face mirrored my self.
"The bond with a true dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth can ever be." Konrad Lorenz

There just aren't words to say how much I will miss him. It's like a piece of my soul is missing.
Papi, lost Jan 2009 Left: Papi was 13 or 14 when I pulled him from the Sac County shelter. He enjoyed meeting everyone he met and loved getting his head rubbed. His vision and hearing were going, and he had arthritis and a tumor, but with pain meds and good food, he rallied for 11 months at the Sanctuary until we said goodbye in Jan. '09. He was a handsome, soulful Red MerleIm happy he stayed with us.
Chance Right: Chance We got Chance after a touching email from Kim. We took him in as a Foster in Nov 2004. He was heart worm positive and under weight. We got him well and put some meat on him. He then joined us as we moved from the Bay Area to Madera. He had a wonderfull life and two little girls who truely loved him and two aussie pals to run around with. From his previous home he was riddled with arthritis and his hips were fuzed from it. All though it didn't slow him down. He always enjoyed his trip to the groomers and loved everyone he came in contact with. He was a great dog and it showed me and my family no matter the age or condition of the dog they always deserve a second "Chance". We lovingly made the decision to stop his pain. He will be forever missed and always loved. Thank you NorCalAussieRescue for bringing Chance into our lives..
The Dick & Thomas Famlies..
Madera, Ca
Zarr, lost 2/23/08 Left: Zarr, Sweet Zarr (est.age 13-15 yrs) We lost you on Feb. 23, 2008 and still miss you as if it were only yesterday. You were such a special boy, incredibly handsome, with amber eyes that seemed to peer into the soul, and you were so, so sweet. You had a wonderful knack for adjusting your play style to that with whom you played. I'm sure nothing would please Breeze and Daisy more than to see you show up with a toy in your mouth and engage them in a game of tug, first thing in the morning.You were especially talented at touching the fearful (be it puppy or person) and showing them there was nothing to fear from you. You taught me to be a better "mommie", too. We were so lucky to have had you in our lives for almost eight years and truly believe that you felt the same way about us. We love you, Zarr, and hope to meet up with you at the "Bridge" one day...
Meri, Breeze, Daisy, Koda and Shadow
Dugan, lost Oct 2008
Right: Dugan, Dugan came to me as a foster dog way back when. He used to be afraid of leashes and I know it was because he was tied up outside alone for most of his life before he went on the lamb and wound up with us. He was the dearest, sweet-natured boy! After awhile in his foster home it was obvious he had adopted me, so he stayed and lived out his years INSIDE most of the time. We lost him in Oct, '08. Thanks to NorCal Aussie Rescue for getting us together.
Max Left: Max, Max was put down this afternoon. Hes resting under a tree in the back yard with 5 brothers and sisters, The picture shows him in his happier days, with a full coat of hair, I hope he is in a happier place now, as we sure do miss him around here. His loss sure leaves a hole in your heart and a lot of tears. Please thank who ever rescued him from Bakersfield, and tell them he had a couple of good years on earth. I sure do miss that big brown nose, maybee we can find another Big Red One that needs a good home, Yours, George
Buddy Right: Buddy, I adopted "Buddy" (#180) from you in January 2006. He quickly become a loving part of our family and even found it in his heart to accept cats too. A year ago, we moved to a large working ranch in Petaluma, and although he had no interest to herd, I think he really enjoyed walking with the other animals. Buddy really started to slow down when we moved here, thinking twice before following me from room to room, giving me the benefit of the doubt that I would return before he performed another up and down Buddy died last Thursday. He was very peaceful and went very quickly. Thank you Kim, for finding him and taking him in, and doing all that you did enabling us to adopt him. My family and I truly enjoyed him as part of our family and we will miss him. Jeff and Family
Left: Amos, a 12-15 year old black tri in January 2008
This gentle boy with the soulful eyes was always along for the happenings. He loved being with 'his person' who happened to be Kim at the Sanctuary.
Right: Spike, an 11 year old Border Collie/Spaniel mix in December 2007
Spike came to us with Winnie. He loved to nap on one of the big dog beds, often cuddled up with Winnie or one of the puppies.
Left: Rex, a 12 year old Border Collie in November 2007
Rex was a great friend of Dollie's. His hips made it hard to get around but he was always giving a happy bark to show he was involved in the play and he LOVED to be in the van. He never wanted to be left behind and would nap in the van if Kim left the door open for him.

They were a joy to know ~ we miss them very much.

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