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What you make possible
Whether you had a hand in this story or not, your help and support make these happy endings possible.
Red's New Life
Red, First Day, 124lbs.

Red, Adopted, 77lbs.

Red was found listless on the side of the road in Auburn. He was full of fleas, maggots and ticks. A kind woman brought him to the Placer County Shelter where he weighed in at 124 lbs. He was massively obese, dehydrated and fighting infection from all the bites he endured.

Shelter staff immediately shaved him and gave him a bath. Barbara, the rescue coordinator asked if NorCal Aussie Rescue would take him in because he could not be adopted to the public in such bad shape. We picked him up and all the shelter staff came outside to cheer him on as he climbed into our van with some help.

We spent $410 on his first round of tests: Heartworm tests, Chest X Rays and a full blood panel. As expected, he needs to be on thyroid medication. Adding insult to injury, Big Red tested positive for heartworm. After he was healthy and a devotee of Kim's dieting techniques, he was adopted to the perfect home.

From Red's Adopting Moms:

Now hes 62 lbs. and loves his Frisbee!! Look at that AIR!!

Hope that all is well with you! Here are some pictures that we took of our boy in the yard this afternoon after I got off of work. He is a gem, sweetie and has really brightened up our world. He has the best characteristics of both of our other dogs Tucker and Blue. Everyone he meets LOVES him!!

Now we went to the vet office yesterday to introduce him to one of the receptionists that had not met him yet and she had left already. But we decided to weigh him and .... drum roll.... he is 77 lbs.!! The vet tech made sure it was done right!! We are going back Thursday to intro. him to her again so we will double check again. The new vet at the office is way cool!! She was also the vet of Morris the cat!!

Thanks again for all you did to give Red a chance at a great life!!

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